Nobody Ever Defended Anything Successfully

“Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.”
George S. Patton

Need some motivation? Take 15 minutes and read some George S. Patton quotes. If he made cars he’d never get out of the garage because we wouldn’t have a reverse gear. In certain situations there is a lot to be said for dogged determination to move forward. For me I feel you must move toward your problems, retreat seldom solves anything.

I remember when I was young. My friend and I went camping in our usual place. It was a four mile hike into this beautiful canyon with a brook trout filled stream running through it. My friend and I were sitting on a rock, enjoying the scenery and I got up to go get some food out of my pack, I jumped over a portion of the stream and when my foot hit the ground, it was about a foot from the biggest rattle snake I had ever seen. I don’t believe my other foot even hit the ground as I launched myself backward to the rock. We pondered what our action should be and decided to let the rattlesnake just move along.

That evening we realized there was nowhere for the snake to go. It was a canyon. This was his home. Then we began telling stories of how snakes seek the warmth of campers in their sleeping bags during the night. That was it. We didn’t sleep a wink. Sometimes letting your problems just move along doesn’t work. We vowed that if we saw the snake the next day we would attack. We did and it ended up making a very nice hatband, and we slept.

In my coaching I have had clients attempt to run their business and hope some problems will just move along. Problems seem to find you and sometimes grow with time. They don’t move along. My recommendation is to move toward your problems. Identify the challenges and move toward them until they are resolved. Maybe a Pattonesque tank assault is not required, but resolving problems is way better than ignoring them. Some people like to say there are no problems just opportunities. That’s cute but not very realistic. Problems need to be addressed or they can become cancers that attack you or
your business. One of the five steps to success is eliminating distractions. Problems are distractions that need to be eliminated or at the very least controlled.

Action: List the problems that are distracting you, and on your timetable, with your prescribed plan of action move toward them and resolve them. Attack, attack and attack some more.

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