Business Coaching

As the leader of my small business the most common advice always began with “You know what you should do?” If you are anything like I was your response would be “work MORE than 80 hours a week?” I didn’t need a laundry list of things I should do. Read this book, take this test, do this marketing effort, I needed real guidance, mentorship, coaching.

Big Cat Coaching offers real coaching delivered by future oriented, vision and purpose driven coaches that provides accountability and leverage to help you achieve your goals. We provide an outside prospective based on a vast array of experiences. Our coaching style seeks a balanced approach to life while realizing there are times when great things are accomplished through great effort and focus. We am invested in your success

Our Business Coaching can help when:

  • You know your business and are looking for an outside perspective to assist you.
  • You run your business and have avoided things you don’t like to do and it is beginning to show.
  • You have a short term challenge and having a coach that can keep you on track has become important to you.
  • You need to strategize and brainstorm.
  • You need step by step plans with timetables
  • Distractions are impacting your ability to function at the level you know you’re capable of.
  • Business is booming or your business is not now what it once was.
  • You just started or bought your business
  • You are planning an exit strategy