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Hello I’m Marty Taylor and I’d like to thank you for visiting the blog on I’ve tried to post useful videos and other material that will help you in your business or your life. I wrote the Balance Book back in 1995 back in the early years of my 20 year sales career to […]

Nobody Ever Defended Anything Successfully

Nobody Ever Defended Anything Successfully

“Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.” George S. Patton Need some motivation? Take 15 minutes and read some George S. Patton quotes. If he made cars he’d never get out of the garage because we wouldn’t have a reverse gear. In certain situations there is a […]

5 Steps To Success

5 Steps to Success

The Five Steps To Success These are five steps to success. Oh, they may not always be THE five steps but certainly these five things are required for long term success in any endeavor. Goals – Setting Goals, knowing what the end result looks like in any endeavor is key. Goals that allow us to […]

Introduction To Coaching

Intro to Coaching

Hello I’m Marty Taylor and I’d like to introduce you to the coaching process. I want to encourage you to find and select a coach, spend some time with them and find out whether their approach will fit in your life and your needs.Coaching is a great product for our times. There are so many […]

You Had Me At Hello


Ready, Fire, Aim!