5 Steps To Success

The Five Steps To Success

These are five steps to success. Oh, they may not always be THE five steps but certainly these five things are required for long term success in any endeavor.

Goals – Setting Goals, knowing what the end result looks like in any endeavor is key. Goals that allow us to organize our lives in pursuit of the goals for a given time.

Develop Plans – When will it get done? How is the overall strategy organized? Who is involved? What alliances need to be developed? What products need to be purchased or created?

Create Steps – What are the steps required to fulfill the plans. What are the details? When do the steps need to be completed? What is the overall time line?

Eliminate Distractions – What is preventing you from dedicating the require effort to the goal. What distractions need to be eliminated, controlled, delayed while you pursue your goals?

Be Accountable – Who is going to hold you accountable? Maybe a peer group? A spouse? A parent? The problem is we don’t always want to convey our challenges with those closest to us. People that are just naturally driven just need goals, plans and steps but most of us need someone to hold us accountable, to the steps we said we’d take, to accomplish the goals we set.

Coaches will hold you accountable. Well, Big Cat Coaching will for sure.

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